Saturday, October 12, 2002

This is a surprise...not

Administration officials blocked Congress's bipartisan 9/11 panel with new, unnamed objections, according to The New York Times The panel's sponsors, including Joe Lieberman, expressed "surprise" at the last-minute objection.

I'm not surprised. No matter what Ari Fleishman says in the name of The Pretender, the last thing this administration wants is an objective inquiry into what may have been known before 9/11, and what was ignored.

Here's a good one, considering the relative oratory skills of the 84 year old Robert Byrd and the 56 year old Pretender to the Oval Office:

An intern in the White House "mistakenly" forwarded an email to Hispanic leaders that called Sen. Robert Byrd, who led the opposition to the Iraq resolution on Thursday, "doddering" and "senile," according to The Charleston Daily Mail

My, my, those pesky White House interns! Of course, a White House spokeswoman hastily said that the email "does not represent" the views of the president, and was written by an unnamed "activist."

God help us...
Bush Turns Sights on Economy

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