Monday, September 30, 2002

Bits and pieces

God, having a full time job is the pits. Too tired to write much tonight, but I wanted you to know about some good stuff out there.

Arianna skewers The Pretender, but good. In an article called "Osama who?" in Salon, she begins:

We all know who attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001, don't we? No, not Osama bin Laden. God, that is so last year. It never turns out to be the person you first suspect. It was Saddam Hussein. For some reason we couldn't find him when we went after him in Afghanistan, bringing that magic elixir of regime change along with us. But now we've got a better idea: Track him down where he actually lives, in Baghdad, and punish him right in his own backyard. It's the only way to obtain justice for the thousands he killed on 9/11.

You have to read the whole thing.
A new, promising blog: Liberty In Mourning. Welcome to blogdom, Sue.
Must read: "Unanswered Questions"
William Raspberry of The Washington Post writes of one Larry Williams, who has written an open letter to The Pretender, asking some pointed, and germain questions about the saber-rattling. Colonel.Williams is no flaming radical; he's a retired Marine colonel with experience in Beirut and South Vietnam. See his questions to Bush here. Don’t hold your breath waiting for The Pretender to answer them; I’d hate to lose both my readers :)

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