Thursday, September 19, 2002

Florida to Ashcroft: Stop us before we screw up another election!

Florida Secretary of State Jim Smith has gone a-begging to Ashcroft's office after the state blew two elections in a row. In a letter he pled with Ashcroft to "take whatever steps necessary" to be sure Florida doesn't provide late-night comics with a steady stream of jokes in the November elections.

Of course, Smith blamed the fiasco on Broward and Miami-Dade election supervisors, as did his boss Jeb Bush. But now the state seems to be saying, "hey, what can we do?"

What, indeed? They've already "scrubbed" the voting lists thanks to Smith's predecessor, the appalling Katherine Harris, effectively defranchising Floridians, mostly Black, by incorrectly identifying them as felons ineligible to vote. Since Jeb claims Democrats "don't know how to vote" maybe they should just "scrub" registered Democrats off the voting lists and solve two problems with one stroke.

Um, Jeb et al, I'm kidding.

Thanks to SullyWatch for the mention today. I'm happy to acknowledge SW as daddy, but as for Norah Vincent being mommy to this fledgling blog, I'd have to say she's more like the crazy aunt in the basement.

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