Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Republicans react (predictably) to Gore's speech

"It seems to be a speech that was more appropriate for a political hack than a presidential candidate, by someone who clearly failed to recognize leadership."
--Jim Dyke, Republican National Committee.
This is known in logic as an Ad Hominum fallacy: attacking the speaker rather than the issue.

"There are a lot of democrats in Washington D.C. who understand that Saddam Hussein is a true threat and we must hold him to account. And I believe you will see as we work to get a strong resolution out of the congress, that a lot of democrats are willing to take the lead when it comes to keeping the peace"
--George W. Bush
Fallacy: Bandwagon: the notion that because an argument isn't following a perceived common cause, it's wrong. This "argument" might also begging the question, since it doesn't address anything Gore had said.

"The President's reaction was that, one, the President, regardless of any things that are said in the political arena, is going to continue to unify our country and to provide leadership to take action against Saddam Hussein's threat. And the President is very pleased with the fact that the country has rallied behind his message and his call for action. And the President is going to continue to work with the great many Democrats in the Congress who see it differently from the former Vice President and who will work with this White House"
--Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary
This from Mr. "No new product line before Labor Day"

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