Friday, October 11, 2002

[badword] Looks like The Pretender will get his war. [/badword] I hope he doesn't think this is a video game. Already the administration is planning on occupying Iraq, if we win, that is.

Frankly, I'm too disgusted and angry to say much about this mess right now. What I would say at this point may bring Ashcroft's goons down on my head, and I want to hold on to what little freedom I still have.

Quote of the week:
"So we have a president who thinks foreign territory is the opponent's dugout and Kashmir is a sweater."
--Rep Pete Stark, D California, speaking of Bush's lack of knowledge of war.
more here

Slimebag Chutzpah quote of the week:
''They keep trying to find some way to change the subject because they don't want to talk about national security, homeland security or the job that they've done on the economy'' (!!)
--Trent Lot [Unbelieving emphasis mine]

More later. I'm off to have a beer or three.

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