Sunday, September 15, 2002

First a word about the name of this blog. It's stolen taken from the following rant on Norah Vincent's blog:

But, I must say that the so-called blogosphere, liberating as it can be, is—as I have had the misfortune of discovering in recent days—also full of nasty riffraff and wannabe pundits who because they haven’t an earnest, original idea in their heads, fill their empty existences sniping impotently at legitimate targets. By legitimate targets I mean people who have actually had some measure of success in their professional lives, people who get published regularly in the mainstream press because, yes, they have a certain degree of talent, but moreso because they have something more to say on a weekly basis than “boo hoo” or “look ma, no hands.”

Norah later retracted, er...clarified that nonsense, but I still think "Nasty Riffraff" is funny :) So thanks, Norah, for the blog title idea, and I'm giving you full credit.

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