Sunday, September 15, 2002

How's this for chutzpah?

Can you believe that Republicans are actually blaming Democrats for the ludicrous mess in Florida? That's right; according to CNN Mark Foley (R-Florida) questions the legitimacy of Bill McBride's apparent victory!

Yep, according to Foley none of this is Jeb's fault; somehow the Democrats are responsible for Florida's malfunctioning voting machines, incompetence at high levels, and screwups in general that would be funny if they weren't so sad.

Apparently, what gets Foley's shorts in a knot (besides the fact that the GOP sees McBride as more threatening than Reno to ol' Jeb) is that the Dems didn't protest the voting mess enough.

"I watched the Democrats scream that 'every vote counts'. Now, where's the outrage?" Foley asked. "Doesn't every vote count now? Or is voter suppression acceptable only when it helps a favored Democrat?"

Never mind that Reno asked for, and was refused, a recount. The refuser, of course, was the Great State of Florida. Never mind that Jeb's own reaction to the latest voting fiasco was "Let's be clear about this: 65 counties got it right. Wasn't perfect, but they got it right"

But yeah, blame the Dems. God forbid that the blame falls where it belongs: on Jeb Bush.

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