Monday, September 16, 2002

More on Florida
"What is it with Democrats having a hard time voting -- I don't know,"
--Jeb Bush

Is there no limit to this man's utter contempt for his own constituents? (Yes, Jeb, even Florida Democrats are your constituents.) Jeb seems to think the election mess in Florida (where have we heard that phrase before?) is amusing. His "quip" recalls the Presidential eleciton 2000, when his various mouthpieces sneered at elderly voters in Palm Beach County.

Meanwhile, in other Florida election news, election workers have found uncounted votes in Broward County. It's nice that they looked, since the votes were discovered in one of the precincts that initially registered no votes. Election officials haven't said yet just how many votes they uncovered; I guess they need to learn the voting software first. The precinct involved has 832 registered voters.

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